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Thread: Glee

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    Re: Glee


    No wonder Santana is so musically inclined. Her whole damn family is dripping with talent!

    Gloria Estefan is set to play her mom, and now rapper Pitbull could be headed to Glee to play Santana's brother! Plus, there's news of a casting call that Rachel Berry fans have been dying to hear….

    A show source confirms to us the EW.com report that the superstar rapper is being courted to appear as Santana's (Naya Rivera) big brother, presumably in the same episode as her mom (Estefan). EW is also reporting that another huge guest star, Ricky Martin, will not be appearing in the same episode as Estefan as originally planned. He'll be getting his own episode so Santana's family can be front and center for a big musical number later this winter. Maybe that will be the big coming-out moment Santana fans have been waiting for?

    Speaking of waiting for things, fans of Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) have been shaking their fists at Ryan Murphy & Co., demanding to finally meet her two dads. Honestly, it is long overdue, and our source tells us that casting is indeed under way to find the two men who raised Rachel. So if you Gleeks have any ideas for who should play them, we're all ears.
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    Re: Glee

    I, for one, am a huge Pitbull fan so I am looking forward to this. As long as they keep the "stunt casting" sporadic (did I spell that right?) and not go back to having 50 gajillion celebs on every ep Im ok with it.
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    Re: Glee

    Quote Originally Posted by JavaJo View Post
    Awhile back the group worked together to learn how to dance and Mike worked on his vocals. It was right around the time the whole Mike and his dad thing started.
    Ah, I missed that episode....got to hit Hulu and catch up now that I'm paying for it. Thanks, now I know when/where to look more or less!

    Have no clue who Pitbull is but looking forward to Ricky Martin... assume he will dance and give Mike a run for his money!

    Yay, to having Rachel's two dads FINALLY show up---we've had everyone else's parents but hers, and surely they are the kind of parents who would have been to every show, met the teacher, etc., since she says they are very supportive.

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    Re: Glee

    I am more than Jazzed about Gloria. I am a HUGE fan or both her and her music.
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    Re: Glee

    Quote Originally Posted by ibot2much View Post
    I really liked the show as it was almost all musical numbers and good ones. Agree with the poster above about Santana. When she started a song and Mercedes joined in, I thought that Santana's voice was so much richer. It just was a surprise that they minimized her ability during the past seasons.
    I have a strong feeling that a bunch of actors have been going through voice lessons - Naya (Santana) included. If you listen to older music where she sang her voice wasn't as good as it is now. I think the same of Corey (Finn), Chris (Kurt) and Heather (Brittany) because their singing is a lot better now.

    The thing with Mercedes that drives me crazy is that she drops the end of her words while singing. Singing becomes singin' and it just sounds sloppy.
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    Re: Glee

    Quote Originally Posted by Critical View Post
    My favorite thing about New Directions' number tonight was that SO many different people got to sing. Hopefully, that's a sign of things to come.
    I totally agree. I loved that it wasn't "The Blaine Show" or something like that. And the 3 numbers were awesome!!! I particularly liked ABC... but the other two songs were great also, and they had very appropriate messages.
    Can we have a show with all performances?? They are my favorite parts of the show.

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    Re: Glee

    Ugh, so disappointing. This was a far cry from last year's episode. The only highlight for me was Damien singing Blue Christmas.
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    Re: Glee

    I found myself truly bored during their little black and white TV Christmas special. It was just weird.
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    Re: Glee

    Me too. We fast forwarded through the bulk of tonight's show. We even fast forwarded through Damien's Blue Christmas. What a snoozefest.

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    Re: Glee

    "Do They Know It's Christmas?" is one of my favorite Christmas songs, but I cringed when they started singing it in the homeless shelter. Did NONE of the producers think that was in poor taste?

    The TV show was just cheesy and weird, although I did enjoy hearing so many different cast members sing.
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