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Thread: Penn & Teller On Tonight!

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    Penn & Teller On Tonight!

    This is a repeat show, but I have never seen it. Set your VCRs or Tivos

    Penn & Teller: Bulls...!


    SHOWTIME Apr 26 11:15pm
    Series/Reality, 45 Mins.
    "Sex, Sex, Sex", Episode #106.
    Sex products, techniques and myths; aphrodisiacs. Adult Situations; Language.

    Original Airdate: February 28, 2003.

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    Deep Dish

    Ron Jeremy is devastatingly convincing as a spokesperson for those pills. Had I not been reminded this was a show about debunking these products, I would have placed my order!

    The Boob-Cam was clever. I remember watching a program on The Discovery Channel (or Discovery Health) where they had a similar experiment with similar results. A different test was added as well where they showed that women who did stop and take the survey conducted by a conservatively dressed woman were dramatically less likely to stop and take the survey conducted by a tarted-up woman!

    Funny stuff! I'm glad Showtime is re-airing them as I missed the last episode about acid rain and other environ(jeremy)mental "issues."
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