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Thread: Castle on ABC

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    Re: Castle on ABC

    What a great episode last night! Definitely one of the best...even the mystery part kept me guessing! Beckett reading page 105 in the bathroom, and the little CIA agent who just disappeared... I especially love the relationship between Castle and his daughter though. As a single mom to a teenage son (opposite gender single parents), I see so many similarities to stuff we go through. Their relationship seems really true to life. Every episode there's some part where he's talking to his daughter (mostly when he's apologizing or explaining why he did something) where I just want to point to the screen and tell my son "Yeah, that. That's what I meant!"
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    Re: Castle on ABC

    Quote Originally Posted by Critical;3719822;
    The preview for next week's show had me laughing out loud! Castle's reaction to the case - something like "This is the best case EVER!" while Beckett is miserable - was classic. Can't wait!

    I'm thrilled that Nathan Fillion finally has a bonafide hit show! I've been a fan since his days on OLTL and always thought he'd be a big star. He's so charismatic and has great comic timing! I'm so happy for Nathan that he can finally really show off his talent. The writing on this show is fantastic . Plus, I love the little touches. Castle in his Kevlar vest with "Writer" emblazoned across the front =

    In case anyone is interested, it looks like ABC has produced a Richard Castle book - Heat Wave - I got an email from the publisher this morning. I haven't done any reading to see who the writer is, but it might be fun to read.
    I checked online for the book, a couple of weeks ago, and couldn't figure out who the author really is. All I could find is a new book called Heat Wave by the lead character of Castle, Richard Castle. In another article it claims he is a best selling author. After more searching, I realized that Richard Castle is a real author who lives in Manhatten with his Mother and Daughter.

    I watched the pilot last season, and the new series this season, but never realized there is a real Richard Castle!!

    I was so confused if the author was fact or fiction!

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    Wind Dancer

    Re: Castle on ABC

    Quote Originally Posted by JavaJo;3726230;
    Did anyone else notice Castle say 'hi' to the beatcop standing in the squad room when he walked in? I love those little touches!

    Castle and Beckett were fantastic tonight! The banter gets me every time. My favorite parts are when his daughter comes into the station and rips him a new one. The second was when he caught Kate in the loo sneaking a peek at his book... Too funny.

    The young lady who plays Castles daughter....she's so cute and she's a terrific little actress.
    I noticed Castle's doing that and thought at the time that it was just one of many reasons I love this show.

    That was a great episode--they get so much in about so many different characters that it makes other shows look stingy on content by comparison.

    And even though I'm pretty good at figuring out most mysteries--they got me with this one.

    Good for them!

    Loved the daughter subplot. They do that so very well.

    What a rich and rewardong show this is.

    (I hope the producers are reading our comments. )

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    Wind Dancer

    Re: Castle on ABC

    There as so many sharp-eyed fans here I decided to ask this question--

    Last night during the very first scene in which Castle was shown--

    The shot started with a close-up of a stack of his books on a shelf so that we could read all the titles--and then the camera panned up to an open shelf through which we could see Castle sitting and thinking/reading.

    There was something on that shelf--kind of shiny--a row of somethingslaying down--but I could not figure out what those were and I don't have a dvr yet so I can't just go back and watch.

    Did anyone happen to notice what those were?

    IMO the objects surrounding a character can tell us a lot about the person--and this show is very good about showing us the details of the main characters;s' lives.

    i would love to know what anyone else saw on that shelf.

    It didn't really look like wine bottles to me.

    Thanks for any info on this. It's just something that bugs me because when they put stuff into their shots they usually have some reason--often for building a character--for doing so.

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    Re: Castle on ABC

    Wind Dancer, I don't know what you're referring to, but I recorded the episode on Media Center and I'm burning it to a DVD to rewatch. If I spot anything, I'll post it unless somebody else answers first.
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    Re: Castle on ABC

    Wind & Florimel, I tried to rewatch it on ABC's site. I just saw the books, but the ABC player is kind of grainy, to say the least.
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    Re: Castle on ABC

    Quote Originally Posted by norealityhere;3726767;
    Wind & Florimel, I tried to rewatch it on ABC's site. I just saw the books, but the ABC player is kind of grainy, to say the least.
    Wow, the ABC player is really clear on my PC. I saw the camera pan through the open book shelves and saw the Rick Castle books but no too much else as it was a close up. Also check the last scene of the episode when Martha (Castle's Mom) is practicing the violin with the cute instructor. You can see the entire set of book shelves there.
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    Re: Castle on ABC

    Who is the guy that is playing the violin instructor? I know him from some other show, but for the life of me, I cannot place him!

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    Re: Castle on ABC

    he was on Seventh Heaven -Played Martin, a character in the later years of the show. (Ruthie's crush)
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    Wind Dancer

    Re: Castle on ABC

    I appreciate the attempts to answer my querstion--the row of items--whatever they are--are in the lower part of the screen and not in very good focus since the camera is looking at Castle and is in forcus on him in the distance.

    I don't know why this is bugging me except that at first I thought it was a row of wine bottles on their sides--as wine is usually stored--but then I thought--that's a lot of wine and if it was that much alcohol would say something about his life/style.

    Also the items looked long and rectangular rather thwen long and round the way wine bottles would be. They looked more like those rectangular whiskey bottles--which would also say something about the character. (But as far as i know whiskey is not stored on its side.)

    Sorry to be zeroing in on this--it just has tickled my curiosity because the show is so careful about visual details/clues to characters.

    The curse of being a visual person.

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