Ah, I loved this show so much! I think it may be my favorite TV show, ever.

I was reading through this thread and noticed that you guys were wondering what the dolls names were based on. Well, in the LA Dollhouse, the dolls were named after the Nato alphabet and in the DC Dollhouse, the dolls were named after Greek Gods.

Also, Dollhouse "Epitaph One" was nominated for a Hugo award (awards for excellence in science fiction and fantasy that have been around since the 50's), and I've got a feeling it's going to win! It's up against 3 episodes of Dr. Who, and the pilot of Flashforward. The results are in July so fingers crossed for Dollhouse.

And season 2 is available for preorder on DVD , if anyone is interested in that. Here's the link (no it's not a referral and I get nothing for linking anyone there if you're wondering, I just wanted to let you peeps know). The Blu-ray is also available for preorder which you can find a link to on that page I linked.

I miss this show so much!