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Thread: My Own Worst Enemy

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    My Own Worst Enemy

    I wasn't going to watch this, but what I'd planned to watch turned out to be a rerun I'd seen, so I got hooked part way through, then caught up when they reran the first episode. A bit mind bending but they did a very good job of it...especially watching it kind of two times I did understand it. Thought the hero was very good at it.

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    Re: My Own Worst Enemy

    I thought it was a really well done premiere episode. I only hope they can keep it up. I liked it and enjoyed it very much.

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    Re: My Own Worst Enemy

    Caught parts of the second episode. Some of this could be a mess. Still there is enough going on to see what happens in ep three. The FBI knows?? They can protect Henry? I don't think so.
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