I seem to be the only one who cares, but this season has been really good. I'm really angry at the CW for not giving 90210 13 episodes in the fall to wrap things up. They had really good story lines that they're having to rush to wrap up so they can close the series out on somewhat of a finale. 13 more episodes might allow us to see Kelly again and bring the show full circle and tie it back in with the original. We haven't seen any old references since the first season. No Peach Pit (or The Pit now) and no Kelly or Brenda.

The one pet peeve I have about this season is I don't recall Kelly even being mentioned throughout all of Silver's troubles this year. You'd think she'd at least call her sister and talk to her about the pregnancy and cancer scare. I get Jennie Garth is off doing her own thing, but I think they could have gotten her for a couple of scenes to really tie that in. They sure didn't mind using the nostalgia to launch the show, but they did walk away from it after it was going.

Also in a way I hope they decide to kill Adrianna. I don't want the whole finale to be about her battling for her life. And it seems fitting that such a tragic character would meet her demise at a young age. I enjoy the actress and even have found myself enjoying her character the past 2 years, but for some reason I think it would be a fitting end.