Anyone watching this show on HBO? It's 7 parts which are shown on Sunday nights, I think, if not then on Monday nights.

The producers of the Wire, that is also shown on HBO, is in charge of this series. From what I understand, it's being done exactly how the Wire was done, very fast paced, not sticking to just one story, jumping around from topic to topic, and if your not careful you will miss a lot of the story. This is not new for these guys. You either get it or you don't. It's also a series that may require you to go back and watch it again to see what you might of missed.

They made the 7 part series very non bias, trying not to favor one side or the other (pro and anti war feelings). They hired an ex military type to validate everything they are showing and this guy has veto rights on anything that he felt wasn't being shown correctly, no questions asked.

Also, Sgt. Rodolfo 'Rudy' Reyes, the soldier that is in shape and everyone calls gay, is actually playing himself in the series. He is/was a soldier in this unit and is playing himself. Pretty cool stuff. There are a lot of these stories in this series that are going on.

From what I hear from other guys that actually served over there, they think this is pretty right on so far.