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Thread: Flashpoint--CBS, Fridays

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    Re: Flashpoint--CBS, Fridays

    Quote Originally Posted by Wind Dancer;3733337;
    Our local rerun channel is running "Just Shoot Me" and it stunned me after watching most of one episode to realize that the goofy photographer was Enrico.

    What a fine and versatile actor he is!
    Yes, I recognized him in Veronica Mars from that. Much preferred the character he played in VM though!

    What's impressive about his acting is that he is actually a kind of goofy looking guy...but he's played a "sex object", a tough detective/loving dad, and now a "leader of men", most of whom look a lot tougher than him. You definitely wouldn't have cast him as the lead or male lead in 2 shows from looks alone...he looks like a "character actor". Always the 2nd banana type.

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    Re: Flashpoint--CBS, Fridays

    Resurrecting an old thread because for the past two weeks there have been new episodes here in Canada. At first, I thought they were ones that had already aired and I had just missed. However, after some digging, they are definitely new. Tonight's another new one.

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