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Thread: April new eps?

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    April new eps?

    I'm here again. Pleading for some information on new episodes in APRIL. please tell me! i know this week is repeat, but what about the rest of the month. help me out guys

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    I'm going to answer my own thread! Cuz i can do that! Well i found out the schedule for everyone.

    April 24-new episode no title yet
    May 1- new ep "Foreign Affair"-someone dies ( i know who )
    May 8-new ep "When Night Meets Day" no news on this
    May 15- Season finale no title yet.

    so yeah!!! there ya go all you ER fans.

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    I was quite upset to see that there was no ER on this week...Ahh...I hate having to wait until the 24th! Oh well...

    Thanks again!

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