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Thread: The Middleman: ABC Family

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    The Middleman: ABC Family

    Wendy Watson (Natalie Morales) thought mindless temp jobs were tough. Then she bravely faced a creature way beyond the bounds of her reality, and in so doing, impressed the straight-laced hero known as the Middleman (Matt Keeslar). Hello, new career! Now she's balancing her art, her friends, and saving the planet while battling alien evils for the world's most ludicrously secret organization. "The Middleman" -- fighting evil so you don't have to.
    ABC Family / Mondays / 8/7c

    I didn't get to watch the pilot episode because I decided to watch Master of Dance on TLC instead (HUGE mistake). I've read great reviews of this show, VARIETY REVIEW, and I'm going to catch the next one. Pilot episode is available for download via iTunes for free.

    Anybody see it?

    Overview of the story from WIKI and some history of the show:

    Developed by Javier Grillo-Marxuach as television pilot, rejected, then made into a comic series by Viper Comics, now a TV Series on ABC Family.

    The Middleman's slogan is "fighting evil so you don't have to" and the character has been doing it for an unknown length of time. The Middleman is not just the incarnation in the current mini series; it is a job, a title, a persona that is handed down from Middleman to Middleman.[3] There are no written records of the Middlemen throughout history, only Ida holds the answers to the present day Middleman's predecessors.

    Each Middleman receives information via Ida from O2STK. They carry out their orders in typical hero fashion and always save the day.

    The current series follows hero-by-day artist by night Wendy Watson as she tries to balance her normal life of boyfriends, mothers, and roommates with her more surreal adventures with the Middleman. She is assumably training to become the next Middleman.

    Thus far, the adventures of four Middlemen have been chronicled in the book and its supplements - Present Day Middleman, World War Two Middleman (and his doomed sidekick "The Middleboy"), Victorian Middleman and Barbarian Middleman, who operates in a quasi-Hyborean era.

    All of the historic Middlemen (with the exception of Victorian Middleman) have female sidekicks who bear a peculiar resemblance to Wendy.
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    Re: The Middleman: ABC Family

    I was planning on watching it, but I missed it, will have to check the itunes download thing

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    Re: The Middleman: ABC Family

    Oh I watched it and it was really funny! I think its going to be a really great show. The Middleman and Wendy are a great alien/crime fighting duo! They actually played the premiere episode 2 Monday night back to back in fact. If you want to catch it now you can watch it on the ABC Family website! I am watching it again right now

    Here is the link!

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