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Thread: Do you have any "guilty pleasure" TV series that you watch?

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    Originally posted by Eden
    y guilty pleasure is C.O.P.S. God, I love that show. It features the stupidest people on earth, which makes it highly entertaining.
    Ooops.... guilty *raises hand*

    COPS is one of my absolute favorite TV shows... I just love it...
    Besides the fact that there are plenty of men in uniform, its great to see justice being served, it kinda makes up for the idiots you see on the road all day that are getting away with stuff... :-)

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    arrrrrgghhh I can't stand cops,, I just get so frustrated, its like the people they interview outside trailers after a tornado!

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    I dislikes COPS as well, but I dislike Cheaters even more. Funny thing is, last year I was doing a special project for work in Fort Worth and one of my co-workers just HAD to go to Dallas to see the Cheaters headquarters. She is a total career woman (we work for a major defense contractor) and the last person on earth whom you would look at and think, "Hmm...a Cheaters addict", but sheeeeeeesh...we drove to Dallas on the weekend we had to stay over so she could see it.

    For me, I still watch Friends but my real guilty pleasure is college football. During college football season, Saturdays are specifically relegated to me sitting on the couch watching game after game, sometimes even into the night. Even when Mom came to visit last Christmas, I had to set the ground rules--when a Bowl game is on, I watch it. I didn't care if she wanted the good TV in the living room for herself, as long as she understood that I needed to watch Bowl games on the other TV.

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    I watched Blind Date the most often, but I would hide in shame if anyone was to ever know I watch this, as it happens, I'm hiding right now.

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    I love TV Land , and Deja Vue the two retro channels. Sponge Bob is pretty good though.I have teenagers, so i can't even say I have to watch it for the kids

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    Totally off topic, but love your new av, Eny.

    Kinda on topic, I loved Nashville Star, but I'm not guilty about it. It's just weird to be completely hooked on a TV show that absolutely no one else on earth watches, much less cares about (except for the few FORTies who did ... and what a great Nashville Star thread we had!).

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    I wasn't all that into it, but I did watch Nashville Star. I thought it was extremely well executed, and the original songs were all very nice. And unlike AI, no cheese. AI3 could learn a lot from them.

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    I agree about Nashville Star...what a great show...suspenseful enough to keep you watching, very talented and down to earth contestants, but tons less commercialism and filler.

    I must confess that I got hooked on watching the Anna Nicole show the first season even though I thought she acted bizarre and juvenile most of the time. I can't stand to watch it any this season. The show was getting too trashy and vulgar for my taste.
    Just take a breath and relax...everything's going to be just fine...

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    I find I am also addicted to shows like Extra, E. T., E hollywood insider and one other one I can't think of the name.. lol

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    Originally posted by Ilikai
    Right now..... Trigun, Inuyasha, and Cowboy Bebop on Adult Swim section of Cartoon Network.
    don't forget Lupin!!!!

    I also loved to catch the old reruns of Married with children on FX the the buffy stuff. sure hope the get the rest of the series soon. I am starting to know the shows by heart at the very first scene. I feel like an old star trek fan who could tell you the name of the show and how many red shirts bite it in the show by seeing the opening scene

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