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Thread: Dutton to sar in D.C. Sniper Movie

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    Dutton to sar in D.C. Sniper Movie

    From Yahoo

    LOS ANGELES (AP) Call him "chief." Charles S. Dutton will star as Montgomery County (Md.) Police Chief Charles Moose in a television movie about the Washington-area sniper case.

    The USA Network signed Dutton to star in a two-hour movie based on the hunt for the snipers who terrorized the area around the nation's capital last fall. The movie will follow the investigators as they race to assemble the largest investigative task force in U.S. history.

    The project, titled "The Beltway," will feature Bobby Hosea as sniper suspect John Allen Muhammad and Trent Cameron as Lee Boyd Malvo. Charlayne Woodard will play Muhammad's ex-wife, who authorities say provided key clues in tracking down the suspect.

    The film is scheduled to air sometime later this year.
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    I really Like Dutton. I think he is a good choice for the roll.
    Not sure if I'll watch the movie though
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    I know I won't be.
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