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    Haunted - UPN - 9ET

    The popular genre of private investigation takes a supernatural turn in HAUNTED, where crimes are solved with help from an inexplicable link between this world and the hereafter.

    Frank Taylor (Matthew Fox) is haunted, both literally and figuratively. Four years ago, he was a career police detective, had a great partner, Marcus Bradshaw (Russell Hornsby), and a happy family life with his wife, Jessica (Lynn Collins), and their son. But it all changed when their child was kidnapped and never found. Frank, now legally but not emotionally divorced from Jessica, is working as a private eye when he finds his life changed forever after a near-death experience results in his being haunted by lost souls from beyond the grave that help him in solving a variety of cases.

    As Frank reluctantly accepts his heightened awareness, he evolves from an incredulous non-believer to an intrigued witness to the beyond.

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    I watched the very first one and it actually had some scary scenes that made me jump. It's tv for goodness sakes. Who'da thunk it?
    The one last night wasn't as scary but it was still quite good.
    You think you know how it's going to end and then you are surprised.
    Interesting new show.

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    I had the first episode taped but never got round to watching it.
    I'll try and catch it next time it's on.
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    right behind you
    I watched the first ep, but didn't realize it was on last night

    I meant to catch it, but completely forgot. What time does it air?
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