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Thread: New Episode??

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    New Episode??

    Please. someone out there. A devoted ER fan. Please tell me when another new episode is, or a site i can go to. I'm dyin here! Thanks alot you all

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    Hi Blondee! This week (4/10) is definitely a repeat.

    It's the ep where Corday comes back after Dr. Greene's death.
    I'm not sure when there will be a new one (or why they are showing a repeat this week anyway!)
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    Blah...Yeah...I think it's "Dead Again" or whatever it's called...I didn't mind seeing the first episode of the season replayed but I didn't care much for this episode...so I don't know if I'll even tune in this week.

    I'm not sure when they'll be a new one either...But if I find out on some other board or spoiler site, I'll post it.

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