They just annouced a new comic book coming out in June based on the TV Show "Chuck". So those of us jonesing since the writers strike created a short season will have something to tide us over.

Other shows with Comic Books are:
- Ghost Whisperer (First Issue came out this past week.)
- Supernatural (They did one mini-series, it was a success so they are doing another!)
- Buffy the Vampire Slayer
- "Angel" After the Fall
- Serenity (Based on the series Firefly.)
- Battlestar Galactica
- Xena (Currently there is a series called Army of Darkness/Xena Why Not!
- Painkiller Jane (started as a comic and now returns to comics.)
- Highlander
- Lone Ranger
- Zorro

These are the ones I know of off the top of my head. Add more if you know of them. Seeing the one for Chuck was just kind of cool this morning. You should be able to find these titles at your local comic shop or you are welcome to check out the link on my signature.