Miss F I thought of you last night when I saw a commercial for ROAR

check it out HERE

here's the info from Scifi.com:
In an Age of Magic, the Greatest Power of All Was Courage.

In the year 400 A.D., a young man is destined to unite the Celtic clans to rid the island of the invading Romans. This action-adventure drama series chronicles his story: the extraordinary life of a 20-year-old orphaned prince named Conor, who must rise above tragedy to lead his people to freedom.

The object of Conor's quest is "the Roar" the roar of the land, the roar of the people a voice that echoes through every living thing and is the power of Life itself.

Conor's band of ragtag allies includes Tully, a young, charming and cocky teenager who has a knack for getting into trouble; Catlin, a beautiful former slave who has become a strong-willed and fearless fighter; and Fergus, Conor's big-hearted, ebullient protector. The group is counseled by Conor's trusted advisor, Galen, a wizened man who possesses the secrets of magic and power.

Conor's nemesis is Longinus, who appears to be a handsome, 30-year-old man but is actually a 400-year-old Roman centurion. Longinus is the evil Queen Diana's sorcerer and political advisor, and he is ready to do Diana's bidding against Conor and all that the young prince stands for.


March 21, 2003 Sci Fi Wire: Roar star Heath Ledger may play Mel Gibson's son in Mad Max IV.