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Thread: WGA Strike & all related issues

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    Re: WGA Strike & all related issues

    Quote Originally Posted by Krom;2788823;
    Comic book writer Peter David (who apparently has some WGA credentials) got one of those emails and has already posted about it on his website:

    Official site of Peter David, writer of stuff - Feb 9th entry

    And EW.com says:

    Tentative deal: Inside the WGA East meeting | Movie Biz, Strike, TV Biz | Hollywood Insider | EW.com

    So WGA West CAN still scuttle this.

    I worked the meeting yesterday at the Shrine Auditorium and I can tell you that from the look on the writers faces and from their reactions that on Wenesday morning the strike will be over, you can take that to the bank.
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    Re: WGA Strike & all related issues

    As they say... wooo hooo!

    I hope the strike is over soon! So many people in LA are hurting from the shutdown.
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    Re: WGA Strike & all related issues

    And i was getting so used to this. Looks like the strike is done. They've voted.
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