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Thread: Penn & Teller's "Bullsh**"

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    No more Bull***t?

    I believe that last Friday's show was the last in this series. There was no preview of the upcoming one, so I figured it out all by myself. This is a shame because this show was totally "unhyped" and was a truly great discovery. I particularly liked the Feng Shui, bottled water and the twins haircuts' show. "Creation vs. Evolution" was totally brilliant too. Let's face it, they were all marvelous (notice I did not say "awesome.")

    I hope Showtime brings it back soon, or better yet, that I am mistaken and there will be future shows. However, I peeked at next week's DISH Guide and it looks like Jamie Foxx has taken over the time slot.

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    No more Bull$h*t?

    Hopefully they'll make more episodes, I'm sure they had to run a test run first to see if it would take off.

    I hope there;ll be more!

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