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Thread: Private Practice

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    Re: Private Practice

    This show just got to the point that where I didn't understand what I saw after watching this show. It is sad, I used to love this show; sad it has ended.
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    Re: Private Practice

    Ugh, I hate themed names. Too precious. I'm glad they behaved like normal people in naming the babies.
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    Re: Private Practice

    I guess I wasn't paying attention that closely b/c it didn't really register; I do, however, love the name Rachel. It's my most favorite girl name and would have been the name of my first-born daughter. God had other plans and I have sons.

    I couldn't watch Tuesday night and had to watch it online last night. I like the way everything was wrapped up, for the most part, although Violet and her patient, whom we had never seen before, were sort of out of place. I did, however, enjoy seeing Sarah Ramos (Haddie Braverman on Parenthood) again. It was kind of forced how Naomi just happened to sleep with Sam at Addison's wedding, and Bingo, she is pregnant, no longer with Fyfe and Sam comes to the realization he still loves her. I do like Naomi so I am glad, I guess, it worked out for them. My favorite character Pete is gone and I don't really care about Violet all that much. Love Brian Benben and was so glad he was added to the cast...I cried like a baby in his scenes with his dying love, Melinda. All in all, a good series finale. I will miss this show quite a lot.
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    Re: Private Practice

    I only got to see the first half of the finale due to a stupidass college basketball game that ran over. I didn't find that out until I went to watch the recorded episode. This is why I HATE basketball.

    Naomi being pregnant with a mid-life baby.....oh wow! Better her than me!!

    When the cancer lady fell over with the seizure, my heart broke for Sheldon. I totally understood her position on not wanting to stay in the hospital.....for what??? I could see myself making the same decision. Cancer is just such a nasty bastard.

    And Stephanie was just one of those "girls" who fell too hard and too fast. She just really put herself out there. While I didn't care for Sam, either, I don't think he misled her.
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    Re: Private Practice

    When I first saw Naomi and Sam together at the wedding, my first thought was I always wanted those two to get back together. Despite the unbelievable way it happened, I must say this was one of my all-time favorite finales evah because they did. Just call me a happy camper since most shows don't really have a decent ending these days.

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