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Thread: summer season finales

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    summer season finales

    what shows have you been watching over the summer that you're most bummed about ending? I'm really upset about Army Wives, I've been following it religiously all summer. I'm also really bummed about Entourage and Big Love. I hope all of them, esp. army wives, come back next summer!

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    Re: summer season finales

    the only shows i watched this summer were flight of the concords and army wives. i'm pretty disappointed that army wives is over already, i was really getting into it.

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    Re: summer season finales

    Well, Scott Baio...45 and single is now over. 2 more episodes each of The 4400 and Dead Zone and Fat March. 3 more for Design Star. Dr Who and Flash have and ep or two to go. Unfortunately, Top Chef will spill over into the fall premieres and probably right into Project Runway 4.

    At least this year the summer shows are spilling right into some of the fall stuff so there will be not bare weeks.
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