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Thread: The Philippines Loves Alias

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    The Philippines Loves Alias

    Well there is a lot of bad news right now, but I found a little good news! The Philippines' top network, ABS-CBN has been airing 'Alias' since October and it seems to be very popular over there. Here is an article from the ABS-CBN website: ABS-CBN.com: Filipino fans love Alias

    Filipinos fans love Alias

    Security guard Harry Gosing is gushing about his favorite TV show. "Ang galing-galing niya, babae siya pero ang lakas ng loob niya kahit ang dami nang gulo sa paligid niya." ("She's so great - even if she's a woman, she's still strong inside even when things are going insane around her.")

    Is he talking about a teleserye? Hardly. Every Monday, without fail, Harry makes sure to catch ABS-CBN's Tagalized (dubbed in Tagalog/Filipino) editions of the Emmy-nominated action series Alias. Starring the tough but beautiful Jennifer Garner, Harry has been so absorbed in the weekly telecasts that, while watching one of Garner's recent movies, he was shocked to remember she actually speaks her dialogue in English! "Para kasing nagta-Tagalog lang siya," he says. "Bagay na bagay 'yung pagkaka-dub dun sa dialog niya." ("It's like she's always spoken in Tagalog. The dubbers do a really good job making sure it seems real.")

    Harry isn't alone. Over the five months that ABS-CBN has been airing the spectacular drama, which follows the adventures of sexy spy Sydney Bristow (Garner) as she bands with CIA Agent Michael Vaughn (Michael Vartan) to take down SD-6, the corrupt agency she works for, countless loyal fans have sprung up around the series. Since its debut on October 28, 2002, Alias' successful Philippine run has hooked an average 22% rating, rarely stepping out of the top 10 ranked shows for the week. It has also posted double-digit ratings every week, anchoring ABS-CBN's successful "Hollywood Night," which also consists of top-name actors on Night Visions. In the States, Alias is a similar pop culture phenomenon, receiving 11 Emmy nominations in its first season, including a Best Actress nod for Garner and Best Supporting nods for Victor Garber, who plays her father, veteran spy Jack Bristow.

    Fans should not miss Alias for the next three weeks, as ABS-CBN gears up for the last three exciting episodes for the season. These must-see shows bring Sydney ever closer to finding her long-lost mother, who may in fact still be alive and well as a Soviet double agent. Several stunning twists await both loyal and new fans.

    Alias airs every Monday at 9 PM on ABS-CBN.

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    Cool! It's good to hear that Alias is being enjoyed in the Phillipines. This is definitley the best action-drama show on air right now, imo.

    I don't know if I welcome you before, but anyway, Welcome NBCDaytime!

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    I don't know if I welcome you before, but anyway, Welcome NBCDaytime!
    Oh! Thanks! Great being here!

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