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Casey, Evan, and Rebecca ended up at the KT house and had "dinner" with the remaining KT's, Cappie was one of them. Earlier in the episode, Casey and Rusty talked about how it was tradition in the Cartwright family for Casey and Rusty to make a wish on the wishbone. The "turkey" that the KT Turkey Trot was really Wild Turkey, the bourbon. Sooo, instead of a wishbone, they had a wishpretzel. Casey won it and as she got up to leave, Cappie said he'd walk her home. Once inside the ZBZ house, Cappie kept making excuses, "nightcap," "big scary house," and he started stammering trying to get out what he wanted to say to her. She said something about how she poured her heart out to him at the end of the world party and he was like i know i am sorry, but i am here now. She was like what do you want Cappie? and he leaned in and kissed her and said something to the lines of i want another chance/want to be with you again and she said she wanted that too and they went back to kissing.

The other "couple" is not really a couple but I see a little spark between Rebecca and Evan. I've noticed it the past few episodes and even though Rebecca can be appalling at times, I like her character. I feel the same way about Evan. Now granted the fact that Evan cheated on Casey with her AND Cappie and Rebecca dated might be weird, but hey, this is tv...almost every show has every person date/sleep with the other characters at some point in time.