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Thread: 'Sopranos' Actor Whacks Cancer Rumor

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    'Sopranos' Actor Whacks Cancer Rumor

    From Zap2It.com:
    LOS ANGELES (Zap2it.com) - Actor Tony Sirico has, in fact, been to the hospital recently, but not for the reason a tabloid report claims.

    Sirico, who plays Tony's pal Paulie Walnuts on HBO's mob drama "The Sopranos," says a recent National Enquirer story claiming he has cancer is not true.

    " I have no cancer. I've had no radiation and no chemotherapy," Sirico tells the New York Daily News.

    The Enquirer story says Sirico's hospital stay was brought on by his failure to quit smoking, something he also denies. "I haven't smoked in nine months," he says. "I'm a cool gabagool. There's nothing wrong with Tony."

    Sirico says he has been to the hospital in recent months to have a dead saliva gland removed from his tongue and a cyst removed from his spine.

    The Enquirer says it stands by its story.

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    Oh good! I hope he doesn't!

    I don't see any reason that he would have to lie about (not) having it.
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