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Thread: Is Carter leaving???

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    Is Carter leaving???

    OK! I watch ER religiously, and was wondering what the scoop is on Noah? Is he leaving or not?? I have to admit that it'll suck if he leaves the show. And what's up with Pratt? where's he been. Someone help me out! Thank you!!

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    I hope not. I have heard the rumbling rumors though.
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    Ugh, I love Carter, but I'd rather he left than had anything to do with Abby.

    Of course he could marry Abby and then leave and I'd be distraught
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    I'd be sad if Carter left...Even though I haven't liked his character recently (with Abby). The less Carby, the better...

    Anyway...I've read that Noah Wyle is planning on leaving in 2004 after the 10th season...I'm not totally sure through...

    Not sure about Pratt but Mekhi Phifer but he does do movies and stuff so I don't know how long he'll decide to stay on ER...

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