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Thread: CNN American Morning

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    CNN American Morning

    Never been a huge fan of Soledad O'Brien (well, except when she was paired with David Bloom at NBC, but just because I loved him so much!), but this new woman on CNN American Morning just doesn't do it for me either. I don't know what it is, but I just don't like her and the chemistry between her and John Roberts is like oil and water. They almost bite at each other sometimes. When she says thankfully it's Friday because it's been a long week for some, he snaps back that a weekend won't make it better for a lot of the people impacted by the week's events. Well no, John, and she didn't say it did, chill out man.

    CNN messed up when they let Bill Hemmer go and moved Jack Cafferty to afternoons and they just aren't doing much to straighten out the morning show with John and Kiran or whatever her name is.

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    Re: CNN American Morning

    My sig. other and I were huge fans of Soledad O'B. and her TV "husband" Miles O'B. Thought they had excellent chemistry. I do miss Jack, and I liked seeing more of Sanjay, but having learned that he still is functioning as a neurosurgeon (when he was doing that healthy lifestyles thing he confessed that because of that he'd only gotten 4 hours of sleep--hmm just what I want to hear from my brain surgeon!), his cutting back some makes some sense. This new woman does nothing for me, and frankly when she was at Va. Tech in a scoopnecked shorter sleeved blouse she really looked anorexic---her collarbones were so pronounced it looked like she had 2 sets, you could see her chest bones above her cleavage, and her arms looked like toothpicks. Great role model. Her personality doesn't seem especially overwhelming yet either...we'll see how smart she seems as she goes along. Going to try to give her a break, but I miss my Soledad! Why is this new woman considered such hot stuff?

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    Re: CNN American Morning

    I like John and Kieran okay, but I'm not sure why they had to get rid of the O'briens. Myles always brought a lot of energy and enthusiasm to the show, especially when he got to talk about space. But I do like Jack in the afternoons; his cantankerous humor is a joy to watch, especially with Wolf playing the "straight" role. Most of the time it seems Wolf likes to get him riled up just for the sake of entertainment. And oh yeah, it's entertaining.

    I can do without Sanjay though. As a big advocate of holistic health, I always found him to be too beholden to the medical orthodoxy that prefers drug-therapy and surgery above all other solutions. He was even downright petulant when he was on Larry King with Deepak Chopra. While Dr. Chopra was talking about nutrition, you could see Sanjay wrinkling his face and barely shaking his head, as if he was going into convulsions just listening to alternative viewpoints on health.
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    Re: CNN American Morning

    I agree that getting rid of the O'Breins was a mistake. Kieran was so weak on Fox News that I hadn't even noticed she was no longer there until I saw her pop up on CNN.

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