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Thread: The Riches on FX

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    Re: The Riches on FX

    After mostly giving up on it at the end of last season, I started back up with it this season, mostly because I *want* it to be good because I like Driver & Izzard. I also read that there are only 7 episodes for this season, so it's not too much a commitment (and it's no longer against 24). While the first 2 episodes this season were better than the last 2 of the first season, it is still exceedingly slow. Knowing that they're supposed to roll out this whole story line of the Katrina houses land deal that Doug/Wayne's boss mentioned in the first episode, I just don't see how that can be fully dealt with at the pace they are going. And there are things that drive me nuts--like where did Dahlia's drug problem go? How the hell did Wayne get to Texas in an RV so damn fast? Hasn't Nina's husband noticed she's missing? (Maybe he left her last season and I missed it? )

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    Re: The Riches on FX

    Well so far I have been very pleased with The Riches this season is answering questions and also creating new stories that could lead to all kinds of drama. I am sure they will address all things as the season goes on too they can't just do it all in the first few episodes. Nina's husband left her so I am sure he is not even thinking about her which is too bad for him cause Nina 's awesome! She has been pretty funny but since she is not a traveler I get nervous that she might make some mistakes and get them caught.

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