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Thread: 79th Annual Academy Awards (Oscars) on NBC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leftcoaster;2256438;
    The dearly departed segment generally leaves me choked up at least, this year proved not to be an exception.

    Jodie Foster looked and sounded good with the intro leading into it.
    I missed the dearly departed segment this year. Can anyone help me find a link to view it on the web? I am not the most technologically advanced person around, unfortunately!

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    It took me all day to watch my tape because I had to take breaks. I even fast forwarded through commercials and some of the speeches and it still was sooo loonngg.

    I enjoyed Ellen as the host and loved her outfits - she has her own style and isn't afraid to show it!

    I liked the shadow dancers. I thought they were creative and it was something different.

    Loved the Will Farrell/Jack Black song. Also like Jerry Seinfeld's movie theater skit. So true about the cost of going to the movies these days.

    Celine sounded and looked beautiful. I can only aspire to look as good as Helen Mirren when I'm her age. She looks fabulous.

    The little girl Abigail and Will Smith's son were adorable presenters. I loved seeing Robert Downey Jr (he's on my "strangely attracted to" list). I liked that he could make fun of his drug using days. I hope he's sober these days.

    The "in memorium" is one of my favorite parts and I don't mind subdued clapping but it annoys me when the audience gets louder for some people, as though even in death it's still a popularity contest.

    The show was too long as usual but still a pretty decent show (especially when watched in small segments instead of all at once).
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