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Thread: Soap Opera Cancelled

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    Quote Originally Posted by nilesgirl;2218369;
    I agree but apparently there are people out there who want 4 hours of news on top of the eye opener and the evening news and the late night news. Before you know it, there will be nothing but news on that station 24/7
    "NBC (or is it CBS?) All news All the time"

    I'd hardly call the TODAY show news. It's more like a half hour of news and the rest is pure fluff. I'm a litte confused why Matt Lauer and Meredith Veira and considered co-hosts and paid so much more when they pretty much do the first hour or so and then Al, Ann, and often Natalie take it from there. A fourth hour will just be another hour Al and Ann get to be on air.

    And I never watched Passions, but then again, I don't watch soaps anymore at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gabriel;2218616;
    The entire show being a dream was also the finale of St. Elsewhere years back.
    Not being nit-picky here, but St. Elsewhere was actually the fantasy world of an autistic child. He had a snowglobe with the building housing "St. Elsewhere" in it.

    Just trivia!
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    I have only seen this a few times, but I didn't like it. Like some of you, I can't imagine 4 hours of the Today Show. That is obsurd IMO
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    after a while watching pretty people move their lips becomes boring and lame.

    farewell passions

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    Quote Originally Posted by bee stung lips;2219535;
    Well, serves NBC right for getting rid of Another World, only to put this garbage in it's place.

    I so agree - I miss Another World, so much better than Passions....

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    Not too surprised about this. While Passions had it's fans, Soaps in general are having a hard time with ratings. I really think that the big networks need to modernize how they produce them. Shoot on DV, fully scrub it to look like film (think about he way Project Runway looks), more location shoots, etc. There are ways to produce a better product, within the time and budget constraints of daytime tv. They're competing with cable and they really need to step up if they want to hold their audiences. Just my 0.002˘ or $0.002
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    Passions was famous for making one day last for about a month or two in real life. I'll be sorry to see it go, it was good escapism. FYI Nilesgirl, Timmy passed away about 3 or 4 years ago. His "MarTimi's" were the bomb.

    I miss Another World and Santa Barbara. NBC has the lowest rated soaps so it tends to cancel them much quicker than the other networks. That's why it's always so iffy about them cancelling Days too. Hopefully that won't happen though.
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    The problem with soaps is hiring fluff that can't act. I remember when Tommy Lee Jones was on One Life to Live and the character Marco Dane, intense driven personalities that really brought the stories to life. Lets not forget Judith Light as Karen. What a mixed up dame. Lets not forget Luke Spencer on General Hospital. I remember when 'Luke' first appeared and saying to my mom ugh what an ugly guy. But Antony Geary could act and he made Luke Spencer come alive and you believed it and that is what makes viewers tune in to watch. If you take a good long look at the better characters that fanscinated people on the soaps they were not the best looking, the pretty people, they were talented professional actors that delivered a product to the viewers day after day.

    As far as production costs. Look at the early days of Dr. Who, the TARDIS (main transportation vehicle) was a paper box, the special effects lame, the costumes ludicous, it lines horrid. The essembly acting is what made the stories work. If you look as some of the novellas on Telemundo the locations and outfits and some of the actors are definitely not pretty but the stories and the acting is fun/enticing/riveting and interesting. That is what keeps fans coming back not fancy locations, fancy cars and fancy faces. Beauty without the Geek is boring.
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    It's my understanding that Passions is supposed to be a parody of soaps, hence the bad(over)acting, never-ending storylines, outrageous plots, etc. I could be wrong on that though. I'm not sure I've ever heard the powers that be categorize it as that.

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    Passions canceled

    I am very mad that my show is leaving NBC, I have been a big fan of Passions since it began and now that it is getting good, they are moving the show… I think I will switch to As The World Turns, a show that respects its viewers. What does everybody else think?

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