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Thread: Big Day (Tuesday nights)

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    Big Day (Tuesday nights)

    From ABC's website:
    Each season, the show 24 tackles one very, very bad day in the life of a special agent in charge of national security. This fall ABC will also present one very, very bad day in someone's life... a young couple's wedding day in the beautiful backyard of a family home. And while no one is defusing a nuclear bomb - they're arguing about what salad is going to be served - the stakes (as anyone who has been through a wedding knows) are just as high.

    Big Day tells the stories you don't see on the wedding video -- the father who sits his daughter down on the morning of her big day and tells her he really doesn't think she should marry this guy; the bitter bridesmaid older sister who sleeps with the best man and accidentally drinks his contact lenses, which he left in a glass of water on the nightstand, blinding him for the rest of the proceedings; the groomsman who's secretly in love with the groom; the tightly wound mother of the bride who intimidates the nervous wedding planner into changing the salad (the bride's choice, Caesar, is just so tacky!).

    Big Day stars Marla Sokoloff (ABC's The Practice) as Alice and Josh Cooke as Danny - the blushing bride and groom -- Wendie Malick (Just Shoot Me) as Jane, Kurt Fuller (Anger Management) as Steve, Miriam Shor as Becca, Stephen Rannazzisi as Skobo and the hilariously nervous Stephnie Weir (FOX's Mad TV) as Lorna.

    Did anyone watch this besides me? Not only did I watch, but I really liked it and can't wait for the next installment! It's got my recommendation, for what that's worth.
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    I've actually been pretty amused by this show. They didn't really start out advertising it as a comedy, but it clearly is--its farce in fact.

    Pre season I didn't think there would be any purpose to showing a wedding day in real time, but that was when I kind of thought they were heading for "dramady" territory. But as a straight out farce, it works. Its a natural day to have people act nuts, to have strange events and big "disasters", emotional upheavals and bad behavior by people. Add a talented cast, who can DO over the top, and there you go...

    I'd take this over a dozen shows like "According to Jim" or those crappy annoying Monday sitcoms on CBS. This is outside the box.

    I'm assuming if they somehow get a season 2, they will follow most of the same cast and the formula also used in "Father of the Bride 2", and concentrate on the bride having a baby.

    And bringing up "Father of the Bride", I actually think this is better than that movie. It isn't focused on a "star" like Steve Martin and is thus more of an ensemble. Plus, the humor seems less forced.
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