Anyone catch the premier on Monday night? I thought it was pretty funny - kind of has an Arrested Development feel to it.

Airs Monday nights 11/10c on TBS

TBS is heading for the express checkout lane with 10 Items or Less, a new comedy series that combines scripted and improvisational elements. The series, created by acclaimed comedy improv actor John Lehr, goes behind the scenes at a family-owned grocery store being run by a host of interesting characters.

In 10 Items or Less, Lehr plays Leslie Pool, who returns to his native Ohio to run the Green & Grains grocery store he has just inherited from his father. His somewhat dysfunctional staff includes Carl (Robert Clendenin – That '70s Show), the sweet, doofus stockboy who serves as Leslie's sidekick; Yolanda (Roberta Valderrama – ER), the straight-talking dominant force in the produce department who's also pregnant with Carl's baby; Buck (Greg Davis Jr. – The King of California), the bagger who is looking towards the future by attending night school; Ingrid (Kirsten Gronfield – Steve Saves L.A.), the quirky-soft-spoken customer service representative who lives for Renaissance festivals; Richard (Christopher Liam Moore – Judging Amy), the dignified cashier who dreams of becoming a professional ice dancer; and Todd (Chris Payne Gilbert – The Broken Hearts Club), the sexy butcher who hopes one day to be a stock car driver.

Seeking to undermine Green & Grains is Leslie's arch nemesis, Amy (Jennifer Elise Cox – Lovespring International), who manages the Super Value Mart down the street. He has known her since high school, where she was the popular beauty queen and he, a nerd.