Is anyone else watching this on HBO tonight?

Robin, Whoopi, and Billy hosting it together again, as always.

I just finished watching Rosie O'Donnell's standup comedy contribution. Wow, it's hard to believe she's the same Rosie O'Donnell who's daytime talk show I used to enjoy watching because she was so likeable, and seemed pretty nice. Her act on this show tonight showed a very bitter, angry, vulgar woman who seems to be filled with hate towards everyone and everything. FU this, FU that, FU her, FU him, and on and on, shouting it at the top of her lungs in the Sam Kinison mode. Was she even funny? I couldn't really say, to be honest, because I was so distracted by the hatred and obscenities oozing from her that I wasn't paying that much attention to whatever point she was trying to make, other than that it involved Barbra Streisand, Oprah Winfrey, and Gayle King, and some others I can't remember. Is there anyone she doesn't hate anymore?

The others on the show, like Bill Maher and others... I expect to hear that kind of language and vulgar 'jokes' in poor taste. But from Rosie.. wow. She made Bill Maher sound like a preacher in comparison. And it's like you can just see the hatred malforming her face as she talked. Just.. wow.