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Sorry this is jumbled, but I'm trying to be as concise as possible. Dexter believes that the son of the rich man that was involved with the murdered woman killed his neighbor, but for some reason he spares his life. Hannah returns. Dexter wants to help her escape the law. Dexter infoms the Police department that he is leaving them. They give him a going away party. Vogel's enemy shows up. It is suspected he is a long lost son. He murders Vogel. I think as it turns out he is the one who murdered Dexter's neighbor. Dexter has the chance to kill him, but does not. I'm not sure why. I think his name is Saxton. A United States Marshall enters the picture too, but I'm not sure if he and Saxton are the same character or not. This Saxton goes to kill Dexter and Deb saves Dexter's life. A huge hurricane is predicted for Miami and Dexter, Deb, and Harrison are going to leave with Hannah for South American. Some how, this Saxon goes after Deb to kill her. Dexter is with Hannah and Harrison at the airport trying to flee when he can't reach Deb by phone and she doesn't show up. He fears they will be caught by security so he calls in a bomb threat and tries to leave by bus. He realizes something is wrong when he sees a photo of Saxton on the tv that he is a killer. He runs to save Deb, but is too late. It seems Deb was taken to a mental hospital. Dexter kills the guy. Dexter takes Deb's body with him. Is Deb truly dead or just unconscious? I'm not sure. Does Dexter then escape with Hannah and Harrison? I'm not sure yet. I find this ending very depressing, but please do not comment about anything in it, so you don't ruin it for the others who don't want to know.