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I liked the flashback scenes with Dexter meeting Rita for their first
date. Nice touch that he picked the place because he was stalking a

I didn't buy the Deb and Quinn coupling at all..too sudden and
weird...even if Deb was acting out...I think Quinn would have put the
brakes on under the circumstances.

Also, I didn't buy people being suspicious of Dexter for lack of
emotion...It's perfectly normal for people confronted with that violent
scene and sudden death of a spouse to be numb and in shock for several
days...weeks maybe even...

Walking around zombie-like the way Dexter was ought to have been seen
as one of several very normal reactions.

I didn't buy Astor's over-the-top blaming Dexter. Astor's "I can see
you don't even care at all" line didn't feel realistic at all. Astor
was going through some pre-teen angst last season but her and Cody's
relationship with Dexter has always felt really positive and good. She
even told Dexter last season that it was okay for him to be a dork
once when he apologized for pushing her into the pool...

Lastly, Dexter's feeling he didn't have a mask for grief was
unrealistic too...Not only did he absolutely genuinely care for rita,
but he would have had practice after his mother's death when he was a
teenager and after Harry's death as a young man.