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Secret Service moves the President and other main people into the bunker. The President makes plans to address the public.
Fayed survived, but lacks the triggering devices for the remaining 4 nukes. He contacts the guy that sold him the bombs for assistance. The guy was reluctant until Fayed offered him extra cash. The guy told Fayed he would research the matter and get back to him.
CTU headquarters was downwind of the blast area.
All of the field teams in the area were killed however. Approximately 12,000 people were killed in the blast, which wiped out a 1 square mile area. Prevailing winds were from the South, which should carry most of the fallout away from more populous areas.
Jack's area was downwind of the blast. Everyone in the neighborhood is running around frantically in a panic. A news helicopter has crashed onto a nearby rooftop. One of the passengers has gotten out, and is on the ground looking for someone to help him get the other guy out. He asks Jack, and they climb up to the roof. The door is blocked, but Jack finds something to pry it open. They barely get the guy out, and the helicopter falls to the ground with a big explosion. Jack calls Buchanon to apprise him of the situation, inquire about what all happened, and pick him up. Bill thought he was quitting. Jack said, 'Not after this.'