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You can say that again. There is no plausibility to Daniel's being attracted to Betty. She is not at all attractive no matter how they fancy her up, and he needs someone attractive similar to his dead wife.

It was a fun show, but now it's gone and I am not sad. Of all the characters, Betty was not my favorite, so I don't really care what happened to her other than she does not belong with Daniel.

I always liked Willie and Marc and am glad they got happy endings, although I agree having Marc go back with Cliff instead of going with Troy might have been a better story choice - if only they weren't rushing to wrap things up.

I always liked Amanda and liked who they picked to be her father. Too bad they didnt have time to stretch out that storyline - that would have been something I'd enjoy watching.

The actress who plays Betty is actually stunning I think... they've had to work hard to disguise that.
I have to say that I still don't like Betty's clothes though....they are supposed to be stylish now I guess, but they really don't do much for her. The only dress I've ever seen her look fantastic in was the one in her dream in the Guggenheim museum...the episode one with the diamond bra. A simple black strapless cocktail dress with a cinched in waist--wowza...

I agree I lke that Daniel didn't hop the same plane, that when people started hinting they belonged together Betty didn't saw Oh , of course1, that she took the London job.... but that Daniel is there trying to find something he's good at (at what, he's in his 40's now?).
And agree with the folks that think Mark wound up with the wrong guy for this show---the one he chose was cute, but the message of this show is that looks are not all...Mark's not getting it yet apparently.