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Thread: Ugly Betty: ABC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rattus View Post
    I can't believe that I didn't notice it was on last night *kicking myself thoroughly* as it was the one new show I was really looking forward to. Does anyone know if there will be a recast? Not likely, but one can hope.
    There are 2 other channels that are going to be showing "Betty", so I found. ABC Family, and SOAP channel, if you have access to those. I think you can catch it on ABC Family tonight at 7pm (EDT), and noon tomorrow on SOAP (and midnight on SOAP, too, I think).

    I absolutely loved this show! America does her job very well!
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    Add me to the "Ugly Betty" bandwagon. i've never heard of this show until my nephew called me about an hour before it began here and asked me to record it for him along with grey's. so i recorded it for him.

    just finished watching it. incredibly hilarious heartwarming. betty is a character many women and even men can relate to.

    America Ferrera is incredible. she should be nominated for an emmy just for that opener. she made you feel something for her.

    selma hayek was hilarious in the telenovela skits. and gina g. character was a boot. was she basing herself after donatella.

    i swear betty look liked my sister when she was in high school...the thick brows and braces...minus the glasses. but at least my sister had fashion sense.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rattus View Post
    I can't believe that I didn't notice it was on last night *kicking myself thoroughly* as it was the one new show I was really looking forward to. Does anyone know if there will be a recast? Not likely, but one can hope.
    Go to ABC.com. There are showing full episodes of most their series on-line for free with limited commercials.

    This includes grey's anatomy, six degrees lost and of course ugly betty

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    I use to be hooked on Betty La Fea. So I was excited about this show. America truly has captured what Betty is about. She plays the part so well.
    Her british friend is very sweet. I dont know if anyone watched the brilliant show Extras on HBO (produced by Ricky Gervasis who stars in it as well) She is on that show and is screamingly hilarious. (I dont know her name though)
    THe guy who plays Betty's dad was on 24as well.(I think either season 2 or 3) The season where Jack Bauer went undercover and was in the Mexican jail, I dont remember his name either!
    Vanessa Williams not only looks stunning! But she was a hoot as Wilhemina (Willie, you have a crease in the middle of your brows!!!)
    Im hooked on this show it has heart!
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    I just watched my tape of Ugly Betty and I am also on the Betty bandwagon ....I've loved America since she was in the movie "Real women have curves" and couldn't wait to watch her in this! She did a great job!

    I hope it continues to do well in the ratings...I have to tape it since I watch Survivor but I definitely won't miss an episode!!
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    an empty nest, and not liking it one dang bit!
    count me in too, just watched it online and i am hooked!

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    I was bummed that I had missed this show also. Thanks for the tip about watching it online!
    I will be watching this again. I have high hopes for it.

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    I really enjoyed this show too. When I heard about it being on this season I had hopes that it would be as good as I hoped it would be...and it exceeded my expectations. Loved it when Betty told off her boss!
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    Thanks for the tip about it being on the Soap network! I recorded it last night and will watch it today

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    I just watched my tape. What a great show! Light, funny, has a great moral compass hidden in there. Some out of sight characters. I like Betty. I just wish they didn't refer to her as Ugly Betty. It need not be spelled out like that. It's obvious. She's not really ugly either, just somewhat dorky and fashion-challenged. Althought it's supposed to be lightly based around a true story.
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