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Thread: Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip

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    Quote Originally Posted by blue eyes View Post
    Saw it...loved it...can't wait to see more. I thought Matthew Perry was outstanding. I'm a little fuzzy on what some characters roles were on the show. For example, is Steven Webber Jordans boss? What is his title, I know she is the new President of NBS.
    I loved the pilot, too And, I have not been impressed with most of the new TV shows that have launched in the recent years. If the rest of the episodes are of the same quality, then NBC may have a winner, here.

    I think that Steven Webber's character is the network chairman and Jordan's boss.


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    I watched this tonight. Interesting. I have never liked Timothy Busfield OR Steven Webber, but I really like Bradley Whitford and Matthew Perry. Like Fluff said, I'm not sure that Amanda Peet is very believable as she is cast.

    It made me want to know what happens next, and I think that's what they want with any show, to make you want to tune in again.
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    Love it - loved the fast pace, the writing, the casting. I was okay with Amanda Peet - the only thing is she has this little smile/smirk so she doesn't look "serious" enough. But I thought she was good. I love Timothy Busfield and loved him on WW - hopefully his character will have some depth.

    Thumbs up for a pilot - I'm hoping the rest of the season follows suit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fluff View Post
    This was on last night in Canada and I was interested enough in the premise and certain cast members to record it.
    Amanda Peet as a network president doesn't seem like the greatest casting move ever though.
    I thought this before I watched it. But after watching it last night, I personally think she was born to play this role. If this show becomes a hit (and it should) I think it'll be a career-altering role for her. For me, she worked so well because I got the impression that she's one of those people whose been at the right place at the right time quite a few times in her career. She's in a bit over her head, and she knows it, but she's got to work to make sure that others don't figure it out. For that reason, her age and experience worked for me.

    I adored the show. It had the feel of West Wing, but it had A LOT of Sports Night in it too, and nothing could make me happier than that!

    Yes, Steven Weber is the network chariman, and Jordan's boss. Perry and Whitford's characters are obviously based on Aaron Sorkin and Tommy Schlamme. I read somewhere that the broken up relationship between Matthew Perry's character and the show performer / Christian singer is supposed to be based on Sorkin's relationship with Kristin Chenoworth.
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    I liked the pilot...it kept me wanting more. I have always been a big Amanda Peet fan and although I agree she may not have been the best choice, I hope she proves herself.

    I've always like Matthew Perry as well and he was fantastic as this character! He had that great comedy flare without being "Chandler-esque"

    Can't wait till the next episode.

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    Watched about 20 minutes and turned it off. More Aaron Sorkin B.S. slamming everything conservative and treating the viewing public as though we're ignorant sheep. Good way to win viewers, junkie, talk down to me and call me stupid.

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    I had high hopes for this one, and last nights episodes had it's moments especially the banter between the Christian singer and the Matthew Perry character, but other than that it left me lukewarm. Hopefully it will get better.

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    Three words: Absolutely loved it!!!

    (A few more words: It's great to see a fast-paced show like this with dialogue that requires a little attention and thought, combined with characters who are interesting and make you want to see more....I was looking forward to last nite's show because of Matthew Perry......now I'm looking forward to next week's show because of everybody and everything about it!)

    (Still more words....Just to prove I'm not blind to flaws -- I didn't have nearly as much of a problem with Amanda Peet playing a network president as I did with Matthew Perry's character having supposedly had L5-S1 back surgery just 3 days earlier and already running up and down staircases and plopping down in a seat with no sign of being in pain whatsoever. L5-S1 is the lower part of the spine and I don't care how much Vicodin his character was supposedly on -- that just wasn't realistic.)
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    I missed it yeah I know after months of advertising! I did managed to tape the last 25 minutes. Does anyone know if they are planning to rerun it?

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    Finally...good tv. I loved the premier. I agree about Amanda Peet. I kept having Saving Silverman flashbacks.

    Overall, I thought the writing was fresh and the ensemble cast was excellent. I think the newtworks have turned a new corner this year. Some of the new shows have been pretty good and refreshing.
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