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Thread: Men In Trees

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    Men In Trees

    Men In Trees - Friday 9/8c
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    From one of the headwriters and executive producers of "Sex and the City" and the director of the Academy Award(r)-winning film, "Walk the Line," comes a fun and sexy ensemble drama about finding love in the most unexpected places.

    "Finding a good man in today's world isn't as difficult as some women think. You just have to watch out for the signs. You wouldn't drive with a blindfold on, but for some reason, women continue to date with one..." So native New Yorker Marin advises a crowd of her devoted fans. Marin thinks she has found her good man, fiance Graham, but discovers, bound for a speaking engagement in Elmo, Alaska, that he's been cheating on her. Plans for the wedding come to a screeching halt. Concluding that she really doesn't know anything about men, Marin resolves to temporarily stay in Elmo, where the ratio of men to women is ten to one, and get started on her new book - about men.

    Marin's subjects are quite a lively bunch. Adorably affable Patrick, an avid fan of Marin's books, runs the town's only inn and radio station. Man's man Buzz owns and flies the only plane in and out of Elmo. Sophisticated Ben runs the town's only bar and has an unusual past. Last but definitely not least, strong and silent Jack protects the environment and comes to protect Marin from a possibly rabid raccoon and, occasionally, herself.

    There are women in Elmo too. Both Theresa, Ben's estranged wife and former rock musician, and Sara, the town's "working girl," introduce Marin to a whole new way of thinking about men. And of course there's Annie, Marin's biggest fan, who moves to Elmo after hearing about Marin's break-up to reassure her -- mostly by quoting the relationship advice she has learned from Marin's books. Back in NYC, Marin's tough-girl editor, Jane, lends her long distance support, and even braves the ice and bad cell phone reception for the occasional visit.

    Marin learns that she has been living with her eyes closed for too long. Now that they're finally open, she sees the amazingly beautiful world around her, and for the first time she'll have the chance to stop and breathe. Now if she could just get the raccoon out of her hotel room, this place might be perfect.

    "MEN IN TREES" stars Anne Heche as Marin Frist, Abraham Benrubi as Ben, Emily Bergl as Annie, Seana Kofoed as Jane, Suleka Mathew as Sara, Derek Richardson as Patrick, Sarah Strange as Theresa, James Tupper as Jack and John Amos as Buzz.

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    I love this show. I have watched the last 2 episodes and thought they were really cute. A perfect show to take my mind off of things. That being said, I am sure they will cancel it shortly. (It's my luck)

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    I like this show too, sort of Sex in the Country. Anne Heche is good and the woman who plays the working girl is fantastic.

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    I like the show, too, although I've never thought of Anne Heche as more than a fairly competent actress. But, the supporting cast seems excellent. I agree with lotuslander about the actress playing the working girl.

    The show seems reminiscent of Northern Exposure -- one of my favorites -- with its quirky Alaskans in a small town and Anne Heche as the Rob Morrow character. If the writing stays good, I'll be watching.
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    I missed last night's ep. but did enjoy the season premier. I completely agree with you, Florimel, about the Northern Exposure (one of my favorites, too) comparison. If I remember, Rob Morrow was supposed to be the great new actor on the scene and the reason to watch, but it turned out to be the supporting cast that kept everyone tuning in.
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    I really like this show. I think all of the characters are great.

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    I think it has promise. I missed the last 15 min. of the second episode though because I was so tired I fell asleep!

    I'm not too keen on long drawn out "will they/won't they" storylines though (regarding Marin and the Ranger guy, I can't remember what his job is). IMO, it backfired for Northern Exposure, Moonlighting, CSI (Grissom and Sara), among others. Sometimes when a show takes several seasons to hook two people up who had chemistry, most of the audience doesn't care anymore. And then sometimes when they do hook-up, it's a let down. I'm already starting to feel that way about Kate and Jack on Lost, even though in Lost time they've only known each other for a couple of months.

    So I hope if something is going to happen between those two, it happens at least by the beginning of next season. If the show lasts that long. Unfortunately I don't think it will.

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    My first post, but I must say that this is a very enjoyable show.An I hope that it stays on for a while but alass some crazy network exec. will likely pull the plug early

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    I have enjoyed the first two episodes too. And agree it reminded me of Northern Exposure. I hope it sticks around. I knew I recognized the woman but had no idea it was Anne Heche. The only problem I have with it that its on opposite Las Vegas, my favorite show. I'm going to be having problems when Las Vegas starts next month.

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    I am enjoying this show also

    I agree with Syd18 - it's a great show to take your mind off things. No deep storylines/plots (that's what I have Lost for ) Just plain fun to watch...

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