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Thread: Men In Trees

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    *looks over shoulder* I'm only going to say this in here but I kinda sorta actually like this show. It's something to pass the time on Fri nights before Numb3rs comes on. I find Anne Heche quirky, attractive and oddly right for that role.
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    Enjoyed watching some old movies of Anne as a young child, the way I remember her. Used to babysit her in Ocean City NJ and drive her to her play practice. She looks so much like her mom today, it's amazing... Love this show where she has the spotlight again!

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    ABC has given this a full season order, and a move to Thursday nights at 10.

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    I like that. Right now, they lose me when Six Degrees comes on. Or is it Brothers and Sisters? Whatever. Ugly Betty, Grey's, Men in Trees. Not bad.
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    Glad to see that the show got a full season order, especially when it was pegged as one of the first shows to bite the dust. I'm glad that ABC gave it a chance to find it's audience, but then again they're going to have higher expectations for it on Thursdays.
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    That's really cool about it getting a full season, I like the show a lot. And having the spot after Grey's Anatomy is very decent.

    I love James Tupper (Jack). Just my kind of outdoorsy guy!
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    Ooh... Well, it just lost me as a viewer. I don't typically stay up past 10, and when I do it's because of homework...it looked like an interesting show, too. I just hope that it makes it though this season without any problems, so that maybe they'll move it next year.
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    Well I admit I quit watching when it was on Friday nights which is a slow night tv wise for me (I only watch Numbers, and Monk when it's in season) but moving it to Thursday's makes it easier for me to continue not watching . Now I won't have to tape as much and can watch ER instead of taping it (I was watching Six Degrees and taping ER or vice versa sometimes). I liked Men in Trees but not enough to watch regularly. I doubt Six Degrees will really come back and frankly I don't care if it does or doesn't. I only taped it because it was on right after Grey's and it was easy enough to keep the vcr rolling but I've missed too many episodes of Men In Trees to add it to my already too full Thursday viewing list.

    The networks like to say things like they will bring a show back at a later date to give viewers hope but nowadays when they put a show on hiatus, it usually means it's gone for good. And moving new, low performing shows around doesn't bode well either. I guess time will tell.

    But for all you Men In Trees fans, I'm glad you're getting a decent time slot and I hope it keeps the show around longer for you!

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    I'm glad they picked up the show for more episodes - I was worried it would be yet another show I actually liked that got cancelled

    I like the move to Thursdays after Grey, but thats becuase I wasn't into 6 degrees (not sure why). Not sure how well it will do against ER though.

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    Okay, I've said this before, but watching this past Friday confirmed for me that Abraham Benrubi's character would be a much better boyfriend/husband than Jack or Jake or whatever his name is. I'll take a less pretty but more supportive, kind and talking/listening type of guy over a pretty but silent, moody, judgmental kind of guy any day. He wouldn't even read the danged article before passing sentence on someone he claimed was a friend. Very nice. Very attractive.
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