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Thread: Standoff

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    I don't know. Just because it only has 1 page here doesn't mean that others aren't interested in it.
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    i like this show a lot. i think its one of those shows that grows on you. it reminds of BONES. it took some time to get used to it. but now i just have to watch bones. standoff is just interesting enough to pull me in.

    and like what combatcutie said...just cause it has one (now 2 pgs), it doesnt mean people are interested. its just that this show doesnt generate that kind of extra talk like lost or heroes. and just because no one talks doesnt mean its not good or anything...i just think its not needed. you watch and everythings there. unless there is something that needed to be said like that person on 1st page about the plane crash due to "air traffic controller" error that was aired several days/week after a real one.
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    I was watching a Band of Brothers marathon and was surprised to find out that two of the actors (Ron Livingston and Michael Cudlitz) were on both shows.

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    Re: Standoff

    Standoff was back on last night with a new episode so I thought I would bump this thread up. I didn't watch this show too much when it was on before but I really enjoyed last night's episode. It will be nice to have a decent show on Friday night to watch now that Numb3rs is in reruns.

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