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Thread: Katie Couric

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    Re: Katie Couric

    Quote Originally Posted by echo226 View Post
    Dislike is for various reasons and I think the mega perky is one of them and politics is another.

    I watch it on occasion... such as when Valerie Harper (Rhoda) revealed she has terminal brain cancer ... Katie had her and the entire cast of the Mary Tyler Moore show on. I will usually check to see what's on her show and DVR the overnight repeat if I am interested.

    ETA: On a side note ... Valerie Harper seems to be holding her own. I believe the 3 month prognosis was back in March ... so here's hoping she beats the odds by a lot!
    Before Katie she was on Jeff Probts show, She looked wonderful, and had no idea she was that ill I am so glad she is holding hr own.
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    Re: Katie Couric

    Very good episode with Mariska Hegarty of SVU, on how many 100's of 1000's of untested rape kits are out there rotting away as the deadline for rape charges passes.

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    Re: Katie Couric

    Quote Originally Posted by Critical View Post
    We're getting OT here, so if anyone wants to talk more about Katie's show, there is a thread for it in this forum, I believe. I remember reading several articles maybe a year ago that made it clear Katie was unhappy with the show and wanted it to have more of a serious journalistic bent than the producers wanted. I wasn't surprised when it was canceled because whenever I tuned in, she didn't look comfortable, especially in those fluffy segments most daytime talk shows love. That's why I can't see her joining this show. Talk about fluffy. Nothing wrong with that if it's what you like, but it doesn't seem like she does.

    I read something recently that Whoopi implied she would be taking over Barbara's role on the show.
    Perhaps you can share a link or tell where you read that. I'd like to see what Katie said. If she's been vocal about not being happy with the show, there should be lots of articles, but I can't find anything.

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