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Thread: Vanished

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    The link is at http\ www.Fox.com

    Sara Collins, the beautiful young wife of prominent Georgia Senator Jeffrey Collins, has inexplicably vanished.

    As the search for Sara unravels one of the nation’s most prominent amilies, it also exposes evidence that could rock the foundations of American society. In VANISHED, nothing is as it seems. Everyone is a suspect. Everyone has a secret. And no one is safe.

    Viewers will journey inside a sensational, thrilling national soap opera as collaborating FBI Agents Kyle Tyner, Graham Kelton, Lin Mei and Daniel Lucas investigate and uncover enigmatic clues that suggest Sara’s disappearance may be part of a large, sinister conspiracy. Meanwhile, ambitious reporter Judy Nash is also pursuing leads to deliver breaking news as this career-defining story develops.

    At the Collins home, Jeffrey and Sara’s dutiful son Max is keeping secrets of his own, while his rebellious sister Marcy is on the verge of eloping with her sketchy boyfriend Ben, whose motives are questionable.

    And when things couldn’t get any worse for Senator Collins, two people mysteriously surface: his ex-wife Jessica Nevins and a man from Sara’s past, Peter Manning. All the while, Judy and her young cameraman/boyfriend Adam Putnam attempt to capture every shocking development as the biggest story of their careers unfolds.

    This intriguing new series, which combines the investigative twists and turns of “CSI,” the nonstop pace of “24” and the scope of “The Da Vinci Code,” will reveal new clues each week. But as the pursuers get closer to the truth, they unwittingly become targets themselves.

    VANISHED, produced by 20th Century Fox Television, was created by Josh Berman (“CSI: Crime Scene Investigation). Mimi Leder (“The Peacemaker,” “Deep Impact”) directed the pilot. Berman, Leder, Chuck Pratt Jr. (“Melrose Place,” “General Hospital”) and Carla Kettner (“Cold Squad,” “Judging Amy”) serve as executive producers.

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    There must be someone other then myself who has watched the first episode.

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    FORT Fogey NoBody's Avatar
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    I did. Didn't love it, but thought it was alright. Might watch it next week aswell since it comes right after Prison Break.

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    I did not watch, but I recorded it and will watch it tomorrow, probably. It sounds as if it's at least worth checking out once or twice.
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    Corned Beef. I'm glad you posted this show.

    I did watch and so did my friends. I thought it was pretty good. Has me interested enough to watch more. It has a good plot, great characters, and good actors. As well as great writers, producers and directors. It should be a great show.

    I was really glad to see Lin Mei as one of the FBI people. She's great. I loved her on ER.

    The TV people will be good at annoying the investigation but coming up with interesting tidbits along the way. Or even getting in the way.

    It was interesting to note that Max and Marcy are not Sara's children. And that Sara is pregnant. Do you think that Jeffrey is the father? And why would she need to talk to her parents about him instead of the baby?

    Who do you think telephoned Sara at home. I might have missed something there. She went to the cafe to meet that person, right? Someone who knows about her past I assume.

    So the guy in the bar knows Sara by a different name at a different time. Does that co-incide with the time that the TV people say she went missing before? After the proposal? I got a phone call.

    Oooo. Lots happening in the first episode.
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    Lots and lots of threads to be woven with this story. misskitty has covered a few of them.

    I'm thinking we are supposed to presume she's pregnant. When the agent told her parents, they said she couldn't get pregnant. They only made an assumption of her pregnancy based on the test they found. Maybe it was the step-daughters.

    Talking of the step-daughter. She was pretty cool when she found the boyfriends bloody shirt and bag of money. Acting normal and even sleeping with him before taking off.

    I'm not sure who phoned Sara at home at the start of the show, but the person she meet at the cafe was the husbands ex, who was meant to be overseas. Then when the husband asked the son if he knew the mom was back in town, the kid said he didn't, then you find out he did.

    So lots of stories, lots of good liars, I'll be interested to see where they take the show.

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    Was it just me or did Max seem REALLY involved with the disappearance with Sara? He was always hanging around, giving his two cents. Seemed concerned, but not really. Something is off there. Not sure if he has a thing for Sara (could be the baby's dada!), hates her more than Marcie and is somehow involved in her disappearance or what, but something is off with him.

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    I watched it... didn't think it was anything noteworthy. I hope it gets better though I didn't think this premier was "bad".

    I don't think Sara's pregnant.
    I do wonder about Max and knowing his mom is in town but telling his dad he did not know.
    I do wonder about Marci and her bf's bloody shirt / money.

    The show has potential... but so have other shows that didn't last.

    Just my two cents

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    HI there
    i also watched it. actually, missed the beginning part...maybe the 1st 5 mins or so. tuned in when he was in the hotel lobby and looking around then sprinted out the front and found something of hers on the steps.

    so far its interesting. there were some parts that dragged. but overall it has potential. its one of those that you have to watch several episodes to have you really watch it thru out.

    the pilot didnt get me hooked but it did perk up my interest to give episode 2 a chance and we'll see from there....the previews looked interesting tho'.

    will see how this goes. the only other NEW shows im interested in are Standoff (FOX) and Heroes (NBC). Cause i already have Lost, Bones, NCIS, CSI:LV & NY, Numb3rs, Supernatural, and come january/february Fox's "24" and AI. These shows i make the time to watch live or tape it if overlaps.
    not my frickin fault. fine, my fault, i always get blamed anyways.

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    FORT Fogey
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    I watched it because of the queer as folk brian guy.

    It was allright. for a second i thought i was watching without a trace.i prefer without a trace.

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