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Thread: Rachael Ray's Talk Show

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    The thing about Rachael Ray is that she used to annoy the crap out of me but slowly started growing on me. She is a light hearted person who loves to laugh and make fun of stuff and I do watch 30 minute meals, $40 a day and Tasty Travels a lot. She grew on me and I don't love her but I don't mind her, and I can tolerate her better. Her talk show is decent, its a mix of everything.
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    I used to love her. I have all her cookbooks and I thought she was just peaches, until she got the talk show. Her habit of talking over her guests, treating them like they should feel privilaged to be there and talking down to the kids and people telling stories is getting on my nerves. I can't watch it anymore and I really want to.

    I suspect she's not like that in real life, but nerves have gotten the better of her. At least I hope that's the answer here. I'd hate to think that she is like that all the time and got a television show. I'd rather watch Paula Dean in the afternoon.
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    Re: Rachael Ray's Talk Show

    Link Here

    Just In: VALERIE BERTINELLI has been tapped to be the first "Celebrity Buddy" for the "RACHAEL RAY" show! The famous JENNY CRAIG client will work to develop segments reflecting her interests as a working mom. Her first appearance airs Tuesday, October 23.

    In her first segement, the actress travels to New Orleans for a girls' guide to the gridiron at a "Monday Night Football" game. She also heads to the New York studio to show off her cooking skills.

    Rachael herself couldn't be more excited about the new addition. "Valerie is the girlfriend and neighbor you wish you had," she says. "She lives her life with the same passion that our viewers do. It is really exciting for me to have her as our 'correspondent extraordinaire.'"
    I love Valerie!!!
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