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Thread: '24' picked up for third season

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    Wohoo, I wonder what that season will be about! Isn't there a risk for this realtime drama idea to be too worn out, as with numerous other franchises? I dunno, if they are smart enough to write it cleverly and not make it too much like the first two seasons.

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    i ABSOLUTELY LOVE this show! i think this is my favourite show on tv. followed by i think curb your enthusiasm...hmmm. i hope next season has the same tight writing. though i admit having kim call her dad during that whole killing thing wasn't very smooth at all. i mean this is a girl who's been very tough and then her mind blanks and she just sits there!? i dunno if that's very believeable.

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    Does the words "Jacked" and Pumped ring a bell?

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    I saw on a TV Guide magazine at Safeway that this seasons 24 takes place 3 years in the future?
    Plot looks awesome-someone threatens to let a killer virus loose or something like that!

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    hi i am looking for this 3rd seasons dvds anyone have them? i can be emailed at flashygail@aol.com Please help!
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    Hi flashygail!

    Season 3 hasn't finished airing on TV yet, so the DVD's would not be available yet.

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