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Thread: Season Premiere

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    Knowing "Lizzie" she will probably threaten to smack his arm off if he gets smart with her, which you know he will!!

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    I dont know, Romano's smarter than he looks. Pissing people off while yo have an arm severed... well they may put up with it because your arm is severed, for a while anyway, but if you're an ass they'll be an ass to you.

    Lizzie will probably temp for him or something while he recovers (if he recovers, this show has a habit of only bringing stuff up when it's convienent, ie Mark's scar).

    Oh, why did Pratt, Chen and Stan have to stay too? They werent around the kids for a long time. Is it because they haev an overactive imagination and were like, "You mean... a fever means smallpox? oh my god... I HAVE A FEVER!"

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    Just calling this thread back up because they replayed this episode yesterday...Interesting to see it 6 months later and compare it to the show right now...

    Back in September, I really thought the season premier was going to be bad but re-watching yesterday, it was actually quite entertaining.

    I couldn't watch the Romano/helicopter scene. But maybe that is just because I love Romano. I still wish they hadn't done that...

    I blocked most of those Carter/Abby scenes out of my mind...I can't believe I watched them again...Blah...I just don't like them.

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