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Thread: 'My Network TV' new network?

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    'My Network TV' new network?

    Does anyone know anything about this new network, 'My Network TV'? It is replacing UPN on my area affiliate. Their website, mynetworktv.com doesn't appear to have much info on it. It does appear to have some affiliation with Fox though. It looks like a soap called 'Desire' appears to be their main show.

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    The network is a Fox creation. It really was something they threw together quickly, seeing an opportunity when UPN and WB announced they'd be merging, which was going to leave so many TV stations wtihout an affiliation.

    Beginning this September when it launches, they are going to run telenovellas. They'll be just like the Spanish ones - running for a period of time like 6-8 weeks, with overly dramatic stories that will wrap up in that given time period. But unlike the Spanish ones, they'll be in English.

    It remains to be seen whether they'll stick with the telenovella format, or will change to something else once they've had more time to develop it. My guess would be that unless the telenovellas really take off (and most people I've heard from don't think they will) that next season, they'll either run a lot of the programs that Fox produces for cable such as Rescue Me and The Shield, or they'll develop all new programs for the network and it'll be just like the rest of them.

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    I've seen the commercials and recently and they look seriously cheesy. I did a Veruka says it's something FOX threw together quickly--and man, does it show! Not only do the the programs just looks trashy (e.g. "Desires"), the production value looks slimmer than a cobweb thread. What are they thinking? I foresee them needing to retool that, stat.
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    Telenovellas are soap operas, through and through. Someone could literally take existing daytime soaps, put them on the following night, and do the same thing, except of course, that News Corp. doesn't own the rights to any of those.

    Still, it means that the fans of those kinds of shows aren't going to expect high production values, logical plots, good dialogue, or much of anything. Just tons of shlock, sex, faux romance, or if its like some of the current soaps, earthquakes, vampires, leprauchans, time travel, clones, and mind control.

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    i cant believe we here in HAWAII is going to have this crap (taking spot vacated by WB affiliate).

    and as of now, we dont even have CW listed in Hawaii right now. and season premieres for shows on CW will be on in less than a month. someone emailed our local cable provider and they said they have an open slot ready for CW but waiting for CW's go ahead (permission) to air here in HI. what gives? you would think if they want to compete with the Big 4 they'll place it everywhere. but i guess $$$ is the issue.
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