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Thread: Have I Ever Mentioned....

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    *laughs* Something tells me any officer would have let you go on a warning . . .

    Oh my gosh, I just thought of maybe one of the greatest excuses to get out of a speeding ticket:

    *person pulled over stares at cop in disbelief* BOSCO?! YOU'RE REAL?!

    And if the cop's female: FAITH?!

    *shrugs* I dunno how it would work, but I just thought I'd relay to all yahs just what my mind's cooking up these days, heh.

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    Of course that would be assuming there WERE any cops on the road and they themselves werent slacking off and watching TW instead.

    Checked how our baby did on Monday night and "The season premiere of "Third Watch," 7.8/12, gave NBC third for the hour". THIRD? THIRD? THIRRRRRD? Stupid fuckin Mondy Night Football.

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    Hey, least ig got in the top five, eh? Is this an all time high?

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