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Thread: Doctor Who (2005 and on, version)

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    Re: Doctor Who (2005 and on, version)

    I love Clara and her "clever boy." I liked her right from the start when we met her as Oswin.
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    Re: Doctor Who (2005 and on, version)

    Its not that I don't like Clara, I guess I just don't have strong companion feelings for her. I felt that way about Martha. They just don't "click" with me. It took a bit for Amy too, but she worked when we had more Rory in the picture.
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    Re: Doctor Who (2005 and on, version)

    See this is where Moffet took it off course for me. Clara was the girl who was born to save The Doctor because she has been in his life in various eras & I guess I suppose she did save him but at the end he did die of old age & had to regenerate.
    I loved Matt Smith with Amy because he started off with her. He will always be the Raggedy Man. It took me awhile to get that Amy was the Doctor's mother-in-law. Weird but a strange weird. Clara just could never work as a love interest so she became like Martha. Matt wanted to leave anyway. He is actually doing a movie with Ryan Gossling & he actually did have to shave his head. Moffet decided to bring in an older actor to play #12 so Clara could be like Susan was to #1. Matt was just so good at playing someone so old & that I am going to miss.
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