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Thread: Miss USA and Miss Universe

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    Quote Originally Posted by Veruka;2183080;
    In one of the challenges for the most recent season, the designers had to design a dress for her to wear in the Miss Universe pagent. She came on to tell them what she wanted in a dress, and served as guest judge. She chose the dress that Kayne, and whoever was partnered with him made for her.
    Oooooooooh, I remember now. Thanks Veruka!! I am not a big pageant-watcher, so she must have fallen in my mind as "generic beauty pageant contestant"

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    ok...i'll bite... PWS you are naive! take a look at the photos of the top 3 winners earlier in this thread. i bet it's a rare contestant that has her natural nose, teeth, fat cells, chin, breasts...

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    Quote Originally Posted by DagnyTaggart;2183065;
    In 2002, Trump fired Miss Universe - a Russian woman - for missing some photo shoots and official events. So, the lesson here is that if you miss an event, you get fired. If you do lines of coke off of Miss Teen USA, you get to cry about it and keep your crown.
    Listen up children, these are important lessons.
    Tara conner has been competing in pageants since she was 4 years old. Her life has been built on keeping up an image. She knew what she was doing, yet she chose to break the rules because she thought there would be no consequences to her actions. But there was a consequence - this aspiring bathing suit pin-up girl now gets boatloads of free publicity and a jumpstart to her D-list career after her reign. Most people - aside from those who follow pageants(!) or watch Project Runway - would have never heard of this girl. Now she's going to be fending off offers from all the men's magazines and she has a semi-famous name. AND people are actually feeling sorry for her!
    Good job, Tara. Well-played. Way to not learn a lesson. What a great example for young women - if you are born pretty and can afford to compete in pageants and bleach your teeth and tan your skin and color your hair and augment your breasts and buy expensive clothing, you can also break all the rules and end up smelling like a rose at the end of it all.
    Oh, if you're ugly and get caught doing coke instead of your job? Sorry, you're probably going to have to accept responsibility for your actions and accept the loss of your job. But really, isn't it your fault for not being pretty?
    . Totally agree.
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    I am not sure that she really deserves a second chance. Miss USA or any other title that a winner holds, is an honor and a privilege. They are supposed to already be a good role model, given that they are being seen by millions of people, which also includes little kids, many of whom grow up with the dream of competing in a pageant when they grow up. She has to realize that she should be setting an example for others, and should also know that the consequences of her actions cannot go unnoticed. On another note, people usually deserve a second chance if they can correct their wrongdoings.
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    Not to mention that if the Donald's interest was for her own good, offering to sponsor her rehab but insisting she step down would allow her to pay the consequences of her actions while still extending a helping hand. Letting her slide smacks of enabling.
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    donald trump is happy the pageant is back on the spotlight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babyfat101;2183113;
    ok...i'll bite... PWS you are naive! take a look at the photos of the top 3 winners earlier in this thread. i bet it's a rare contestant that has her natural nose, teeth, fat cells, chin, breasts...
    Wow.... well, never liked the shows anyway, but now they really make no sense.
    By the way, on CNN this am the woman in charge of Miss Universe was on saying that actually she never missed an event due to partying, just one event due to bronchitis and that the whole thing had been blown up even further due to rumors in the press.
    She also declined to comment on the coke rumors tho....I guess because the winner, whatever her name is, could actually go to jail for that one!

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    First Repurcussions for Miss Teen USA

    MADD Gives Boot to Miss Teen USA
    THURSDAY DECEMBER 21, 2006 08:30 AM EST

    Donald Trump may be in a forgiving mood this holiday season, but Mothers Against Drunk Driving is not.

    The group announced it is severing ties with Miss Teen USA Katie Blair after news reports that she was allegedly observed partying in New York clubs with Miss USA Tara Conner.

    "MADD was disappointed to hear news reports of Miss Teen USA Katie Blair illegally drinking underage," spokeswoman Heidi Castle said in a statement posted on the MADD Web site Wednesday.

    "In the past," the statement continued, "MADD has teamed with Miss Teen USA to raise awareness about the serious and often deadly consequences of underage drinking. However, we do not feel, at this time, that Ms. Blair can be an effective spokesperson on underage drinking and will not ask her to represent MADD in future initiatives."

    Trump, of course, presented Conner, who just turned 21, with a second chance on Tuesday after widespread reports of her hard-partying ways. She will retain her title, as well as enter rehab.

    Blair, 18, of Billings, Mont., will also keep her crown, according to Miss Universe Organization spokeswoman Lark-Marie Anton, adding that the organization respects "MADD's decision as much as we respect their work. We look forward to working with them in the future," the Associated Press reports.

    Castle's statement concludes with, "We wish Ms. Blair the best as she fulfills her role as Miss Teen USA, and we hope to work with the Miss Teen organization in the future."
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    In my own little world where all things are Idol......

    Trump and Rosie Argue Over Miss USA

    NEW YORK (AP) - The Miss USA partying episode has led to a war of words between Rosie O'Donnell and Donald Trump.

    O'Donnell, co-host of the ABC television morning talk show "The View," said on Wednesday's show that Trump's news conference with Tara Conner had annoyed her "on a multitude of levels."

    "Left the first wife, had an affair, left the second wife, had an affair. Had kids both times, but he's the moral compass for 20-year-olds in America," the comedian and actress said to roars of audience laughter. "Donald, sit and spin, my friend."

    Trump lashed back at O'Donnell on the TV entertainment show, "The Insider," criticizing everything from her looks to her former television talk show and magazine.

    "Rosie attacks me personally? I know her fairly well because her show failed. She didn't retire. She didn't get the ratings! Her magazine called `Rosie' was a total disaster," he said.

    "She's out of her mind. I will probably sue Rosie for a number of reasons. I'm worth a lot of money. She doesn't tell the facts," he added.

    Oh puleaze people...................... Give.me.a.break.
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    Why does Rosie O'Donnell always have to be in the middle of things that are none of her business? She just like the attention. Now that the Clay Aiken thing has calmed down she just wants more attention.

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