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Thread: Miss USA and Miss Universe

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    Ladadida hungry_hippo's Avatar
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    I really wanted California to win!! She was so beautiful!! Poor Florida,she didn't know how to answer the question asked by Donald Trump JR so she mumbled.I guess thats why she was 4th runner up.

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    Nicole Linkletter - Renee england88533's Avatar
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    does anyone have any screencaps of the show?

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    FORT Fogey
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    miss universe 2006 is well underway. i have no favorites yet

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    In my own little world where all things are Idol......

    The Miss Universe Organization has announced that DONALD TRUMP will conduct a press conference Tuesday morning regarding current Miss USA titleholder, TARA CONNER, who may be stripped of the crown because of her recent conduct.

    Conner -- who just turned 21 on Monday -- had been spotted drinking and bar-hopping around New York City prior to turning the legal drinking age. She has also reportedly failed to make promotional appearances and fulfill other obligations that come with the Miss USA crown.

    Organizers of the pageant told ET in a statement Friday that Conner has not been dethroned, and Trump's reps released a statement, saying, "Mr. Trump is seriously studying the situation. First and foremost he is concerned about Tara and wants to do what is best for her. Then he will think about what is best for the very successful Miss USA pageant. But right now, Tara's future is of primary importance to him."

    Miss USA is expected to act as a role model for young women. Underage drinking is an obvious no-no, according to pageant officials, so any imbibing by Conner is not only illegal but may also lead to her fall from grace.

    Ironically, Conner hails from a small county in Kentucky where any drinking is against the law.

    When ET spoke to her last month, the young beauty queen spoke out as an advocate for clean living.

    "I just try to eat nutritious, try to keep myself in shape and I just try to take care of myself," she said. "I'm just 20 years old, and if I start now it will build up to when I'm older."

    Since moving to New York after winning the beauty pageant, the Kentucky native reportedly ended her engagement with her high school sweetheart and has been romantically linked to several club promoters and celebrities such as BLINK 182 drummer TRAVIS BARKER.

    Trump won't get into specific details, but called the situation "very serious."

    "I'm concerned about her," he told ET. "And I want to make sure that she's treated really fairly. And I'm also concerned that we do the right thing for the pageant."

    Conner, who shares a Trump Place suite with Miss Universe and Miss Teen USA, is said to have moved out of the complex to be with her family when the scandal broke last week.

    They had tonight on Entertainment Tonight that she was out drinking with Constantine Maroulis (from AI) recently. They said in high school she had been kicked off the cheerleading squad for being wild and that she was kicked out of her high school and had to go to a alternative school. Sounds like her parents haven't been able to control her and now pageant officials can't......

    My question is...don't they have chaperones from the pageant organization that watches over them???
    Reality is the beginning...not the end....Wallace Stevens

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    Scrappy Spartan Broadway's Avatar
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    That's the very serious problem of having underage women winning these pageants. She's 20 years old with self-admitted inexperience and lack of exposure to alcohol and you throw her into her own $15000-$20000/mth apartment in NYC and a whirlwind lifestyle. And ET and Access Hollywood both reported that it wasn't only drinking... but also allegations of cocaine usage and PDA with Miss Teen USA.

    I feel very, very sorry for this girl. It's painfully obvious that she didn't have the supervision nor counseling necessary to make such a wild transition to an independent lifestyle.
    Never let the things you want make you forget about the things you have.

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    Dreamer rt1ky's Avatar
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    Trying to free myself from the snarkside.
    I feel bad for her too. If she loses the crown, she still has to deal with these issues in her life. Where were the chaperones? Will Miss Teen USA lose her crown too? Will the bars be charged with serving minors?

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    FORT Fanatic
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    Yeah, I'm just not going to feel too sorry for the skinny girl with the fake breasts who is living in a penthouse apartment for free, making out with Miss TEEN USA in public, doing lines of cocaine in front of witnessness, and dancing on bars drunk before she is even old enough to be in those clubs. Beauty pageants should be a funny relic of the past like poodle skirts and men-only votes. There is no way that a contest where women have to be beautiful and parade around in a bikini - where most of the women have fake body parts and fake interview answers - is positive for women or is a "scholarship competition."
    Tara came off as so prim and proper on Project Runway - her desire to have the judges looking at her face and not her chest (then why did she get fake breasts??) - and it turns out that she's just a party girl like so many others out there.
    I am not condemning her for anything she did. Seems like normal party behavior for someone who is beautiful, young, living in NYC, and getting into all the hot spots. BUT, there is no one but her to blame for her messing up and losing the crown. She knew the rules, she knew she was in the public eye, and she couldn't stay clean and out of scandal for just one year.
    We will be seeing some nude photo spread of her pretty quickly, then she'll be on a reality tv show - maybe surreal life or something like that - and then she'll fade away to be the answer to a pop culture trivia question.

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    collecting crowns queenofitall's Avatar
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    You know I think you judge pageants a little harshly. Miss America is doing wonderful things promoting her platform of MADD. She is beautiful and doing community functions. Pageants have prepared me for job interviews, and 95 percent of the time I get a job I appy for. I also can speak and sing in front of crowds without becoming to nervous. Not all pageants are bad, but all this press about Miss USA however, are giving them a bad rep. I bet half the crap these "Tabloid Newspapers" Are reporting are half truths, grossly being thrown way out of proportion. Donald Trump is a media loving hound, and is loving all this attention. If he was going to strip her of the title he would have done it by now. Why draw it out this long? His new show is premiereing soon, and what a wonderful way to stir up discussion about it, by dethroning one of his titleholders. Her first runner up was in a Snopp Dogg video and on his cover, and is just as crazy. Running off to NY and hitching a ride with the film crew is not safe, and not something I want my daughter to do. But neither is underage drinking, but hey she is only 4 and by the time she knows what alcohol is it will be outlawed.

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    You're right - I'm being harsh in the way that you can be when you have an idea of something - based mostly on generalities - and not an actual from the inside experience with it. I'm sorry for doing that.
    I know a lot of worthwhile women participate in pageants, but I also feel strongly that a pageant sets women up to be judged on things that just shouldn't matter. If you are an advocate for a community, or if you are a genius scientist with lofty ambitions, you might share a lot of the traits that pageants groom girls to have - confidence, high communication skills, internal drive and a dedication to a goal - BUT - you also have to cross a stage in hot rolled hair and tape on your butt so your bathing suit doesn't ride up. I hate that - I hate that regulating of what I feel are the unfortunate things that a women gets judged on. I feel ashamed for pageants the same way I feel embarrassed about having been a cheerleader. Lots of great athletes are cheerleaders, but at the end of the day you're being judged for how springy your ponytail looks while you're pulling hurkies and cheering on the boys.

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    it's too bad the women with the fake boobs won the top 3 positions. i bet i know what's high on #4 and #5's list of things to do before they try again next year. what a shame.

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